Hugo Magalhães

Hugo Nogueira

Senior software engineer and agile manager. React, and Node.js enthusiast.
Engineering Lead @ BCG Digital Ventures. Berlin, Germany

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How to develop reusable components with Babel and RollupJS

On October 10th, I have had the pleasure of talking about reusable components using the Rollup.js library, at the meetup React Open Source in Berlin. I tried to show, with...

var, let or const?

One (or two) of the most important features that came with ES2015 (ES6) was  the addition of let and const which can be used for variable declaration. But, the first...

My personal mission statement

After reading the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People”, written by S. Covey, I understood the real importance of having a clear vision of my personal mission, as...